We introduce world‘s first natural combat rations.
With NATURAL IR we bring what soldier needs in food ration in tough conditions. Only the best ingredients, top quality nutrition without chemical additives and fast easy preparation. Modern suplements that keep soldier sharp in every situation. No risk of digestive problems in the field.Tested by profesionals on missions in IRQ and AFG with great results.
Give your soldiers proper food so they are completely fit for they duties.



2 x Main meal - 300g
2 x High protein bar 55g
2 x Dried meat - JERKY 25g
2 x Flameless heating
2 x Isotonic drink
3 x Energy tablet
4 x Regeneration tablet
1 x Plastic spoon

- 5200kJ of NATURAL energy
- Weight under 900g
- No GMO, no chemical additives


24 hours food ration
4 different MENUs
Halal, kosher, hindu recipes possible.
3 years shelf-life in high temperatures.
Personalisation possible.
Made in EU.


For individual inquiry, please contact us on: info@armymenu.com